Largest-ever “Pretty Cure” official shop to be opened in Osaka!

Pretty Cure Pretty Store プリキュア プリティストア
New Osaka shop unified in Pretty Cure

Much-loved animation “Pretty Cure”’s official shop “Pretty Cure Pretty Store” will be opened in shopping center “Hankyu Sanbangai” (direct access from Hankyu Umeda station, Kansai-area) on 1st February 2014. It will be the first permanent official shop in Kansai area, with over 1,000 Pretty Cure items mainly from its eleventh TV series “Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!” starting 2014 spring.

This new shop will be twenty times large the first official shop opened in “Tokyo Character Street” (placed in JR Tokyo station) in July 2011. Items sold will include those from the new TV series as well as items from past series and limited items.

The whole shop will be designed into colorful and gorgeous Pretty Cure world. You will be diving into Pretty Cure world the moment you see the shop. Don’t forget to check out the “Play area” used for stage attractions and “Photo corner”!

Keep your eyes on the coming new “Pretty Cure” hub in Kansai!

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