Announcing "Angolmois: Genko Kassen-ki official tour"! Tsushima Island touring, special advanced screening, and more

"Angolmois: Genko Kassen-ki official tour"

(c)2018 たかぎ七彦/KADOKAWA/アンゴルモア元寇合戦記製作委員会


An official tour for Angolmois: Genko Kassen-ki, an animated television series premiering in July, 2018, will be held from June 30th to July 1st. It will include opportunities to tour Tsushima Island, which was used as a stage for the work, and to participate in a special advanced screening with the original author and the main cast of the series.
Jointly hosted by the Anime Tourism Association and Cool Japan Travel, a travel agency operated by KADOKAWA Group, the tour is a two-day trip that includes programs in Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture. Departing from and arriving at Hakata Port, the tour is scheduled to have a special advanced screening of the animated series in Tsushima, touring of the island, and access to special attractions limited to the participants of the tour.
The special advanced screening will feature Nanahiko Takagi, the original author of the work, as well as the cast of the series, including Yuki Ono, the voice actor for Kichi Jinzaburo, and Lynn, the voice actress for Teruhi. 
The aim is to spread the charms of Tsushima, and the work to all parts of Japan.
The details for the tour, and applications for the tour are scheduled to be available in mid-May.



Angolmois: Genko Kassen-ki official tour

Angolmois: Genko Kassen-ki