"Cowboy Bebop" collaboration cafe will be opened in Tokyo and Osaka! Also bonuses made with illustrations

"Cowboy Bebop"



A "Cowbow Bebop collaboration cafe" will be held from May 15th to June 10th at the Akihabara and Osaka Nipponbashi branches of "Good Smile x Animate Cafe".

"Animate Cafe" will be collaborating to allow customers to enjoy the store interior designed based on the famous anime "Cowboy Bebop" that is celebrating its 20th anniversary since it was first broadcast on television, as well as the concept of the anime and games, as well as an original menu with the characters as motifs.

"Cowboy Bebop" is a series set in the solar system of the future, and depicts the activities of bounty hunters and spikes who travel around space chasing convicts to claim rewards for turning them in. It is hard boiled while at the same time packed with action and chaotic comedy and has a unique world view, and the background music, which exhibits a mix of genres, by composer Yoko Kanno is also another charm point. It is a popular series with dedicated fans both domestically and internationally.

The key visual for this collaboration will be the an illustration created by the character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto for this anime cafe collaboration. Sales are also scheduled to be conducted for bonuses and limited edition goods with this illustration.



Animate Cafe


"Cowboy Bebop"