“Tenkuu Shinpan” Volume 16 Released; Cosplayer/Nurse Nashiko Momotsuki Dresses as Characters Yuri Honjo and Mayuko Nise

Cosplayer and registered nurse Nashiko Momotsuki


The 16th volume of MangaBox series “Tenkuu Shinpan” has been released in eBook format on April 9th alongside a limited-edition photo book of cosplayer and registered nurse Nashiko Momotsuki.

Created by “Ajin” author Tsuina Miura and “Box!” artist Takahiro Oba, manga series “Tenkuu Shinpan” is a high-tension thriller set in a world full of skyscrapers. The eBook edition of the newest manga volume includes a 32-page photo book featuring cosplayer Nashiko Momotsuki dressing as series characters Yuri Honjo and Mayuko Nise. The special eBook release is the first of its kind from Shonen Magazine.


The 16th and newest volume

Mayuko Nise cosplay



Tenkuu Shinpan (MangaBox)