Anime Frame Arms Girls Sequel & Collab Cafe In Anime Location Announced!

Sequel production is decided

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The anime Frame Arms Girls based on Kotobukiya's plastic model series is getting a sequel.

Released in 2017 April, the anime depicts the daily life and development of protagonists Ao and Gourai, and other FA girls.

The cast features Yoko Hikasa as Ao Gennai, Narumi Kaho as Gourai, Yuu Ayase as Stylet, Rika Nagae as Baselard, Erii Yamazaki as the Materia Sisters, Minami Kabayama as Jinrai, Hibiki Yamamura as Architect, Rika Abe as Hresvelgr, and Kanomi Izawa as Bukiko Kotobuki.

Marking the release of 2 volumes of the comic Frame Arms Girl: Lab Days—a prequel to the anime Frame Arms Girls—a collaboration cafe will open from April 3rd to May 9th at Orion Shobo Hondana Coffee in the anime location Tachikawa. During this period, the cafe will offer collaboration drinks with exclusive coasters as well as exhibit comic and anime materials.


Frame Arms Girls

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