New “City Hunter” Anime Film Coming in Early Spring 2019

© Tsukasa Hojo / NSP / “2019 City Hunter: The Movie” Production Committee


A feature-length anime film based on manga series “City Hunter” will be released in early spring 2019.

The film’s production was put into motion when the original “City Hunter” TV anime series celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. Set in modern-day Shinjuku, the film will feature an original story written for the movie.

Created by Tsukasa Hojo, hard-boiled comedy manga series “City Hunter” debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1985. A TV anime series produced by Sunrise premiered in 1987, spanning 140 episodes, three specials, and three theatrical films.

The TV anime’s original voice cast will be returning for the upcoming film, including Akira Kamiya and Kazue Ikura as main characters Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura, respectively. Sunrise will be handling animation production, and “City Hunter” TV anime and film director Kenji Kodama will reprise his role at the helm. The script will be written by franchise newcomer Yoichi Kato, known for his work on “Yo-kai Watch.” Alongside the announcement of the movie, the first key visual by series creator Tsukasa Hojo has been revealed, as well as a special video commemorating the start of production.

Regarding the new film, Hojo stated, “I created ‘City Hunter’ when I was young. The work is full of my youthful indiscretions and other things that would make it difficult for me to draw the same ‘City Hunter’ at my current age. However, anime is a different story. I have conviction that director Kenji Kodama will create an interesting work that hits the mark, and Akira Kamiya and Kazue Ikura are back to resurrect the ‘City Hunter’ of the past.

“The team is working their hardest to make sure ‘City Hunter’ fans will love the new movie. Of course, I’ll be helping out, but I’m looking forward along with our fans to seeing what they create.”

A limited-edition publication titled “City Hunter: Ryo Saeba x Pia” was released on March 26th, the birthday of main character Ryo Saeba. It covers the complete history of the anime’s legendary “sweeper,” from his biography and work history to his personal life and key events.



“City Hunter: The Movie” Production Special Video

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