Digital Idol Group 22/7 Release 3D CGI Music Video for Second Single

22/7’s “Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita” Type-A CD single cover art

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Digital idol group 22/7 have released the full-length, 3D CGI-animated music video for their second single, “Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita” (“It Smelled Like Shampoo”). The single will be released on April 11th.

The digital idol group, created by Yasushi Akimoto, Aniplex, and Sony Music Records, features character designs created by some of the biggest names in the anime industry. The characters’ voice actors were selected from an open audition pool of over 10,000 entrants.

Since forming, the group has held a live dramatic reading, performed its first concert, and released debut single “Boku wa Sonzai Shiteinakatta” and its 3D CGI-animated music video. On February 27th, the group also held a live performance for fans who preordered the “Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita” CD single.

Like the group’s music video for debut single “Boku wa Sonzai Shiteinakatta,” the new video was produced by Tatsunoko Production and directed by Ryo Ando, who previously handled storyboarding and production for the opening animation of “Tiger & Bunny: The Rising” and made his directorial debut with TV anime series “Interviews with Monster Girls.” Yusuke Takeda (“Sword Art Online,” “Ghost in the Shell” series) served as art director, with Yoshihiro Otobe (“Pretty Rhythm” series) as CGI director. Animation character design was handled by Yukiko Horiguchi, known for her work on “Tamago Market,” “K-On!” and “Lucky Star,” in addition to serving as one of 22/7’s character designers.

The music video’s dance scenes were performed by each character’s voice actor, motion captured and rendered in CGI. The high-tech approach allows for the individual personalities of the idols to appear in motion, bringing concept art and illustrations to life. Characters appear more dynamic and lifelike than in the previous video, allowing for story elements and the relationships between characters to be communicated on-screen.

22/7 are currently performing in dramatic stage events at record stores across Japan. The group will also be holding handshake events in Tokyo on May 6th and 26th.


22/7’s “Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita” Type-B CD single cover art

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22/7’s “Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita” Standard Edition CD single cover art

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The voice actresses of 22/7

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22/7, “Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita” Music Video (Full Ver.)