The "Lily Exhibition" is being held again this year on a bigger scale, with 30 creators participating with both books and collaborative goods!

"Lily Exhibition"


The "Playable Bookstore" Village Vanguard is sponsoring events in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka based on the theme, "Lily". The word "lily" means friendship and affection between women, and the event has the same theme. Many comic artists and photographers will participate and exhibit original images and photos, as well as sell books and collaborative goods.

This is the third time the event is being held, with the event and goods having been enhanced since last year's event. Including special participation and anthologies, a total of 30 creators will participate.

Participating manga artists include Gido Amagakure, Sakuya Amano, Hachi Ito, Eri Ejima, Yayoi Ohsawa, Canno, Torajiro Kishi, Ken Kurogane, Saburouta, Takako Shimura, Hiromi Takashima,  tMnR, Nio Nakatani, Yuta Nishio, Auri Hirao, Fumio Suwa, Sunao Minakata, Akiko Morishima, Miruku Morinaga, Yukiko, Akihito Yoshitomi.

Special guest: Izumi Kawanami, Miman. Anthology is "Lilian anthology resonating with the eclair you", "Lily comic magazine Galette". Photographers participating include Albina Albina, SAKUnoTORIDORI, Minori Takahashi, Yuria, Keisuke Hasegawa.

The Tokyo event will be held at the "Ikebukuro Marui" from March 17th to 25th and the Osaka event at the "Namba Parks" from March 31 to April 8. The event in Fukuoka is scheduled to be held in the middle of April.



"Lily Exhibition 2018"