“Girls und Panzer” Anchovy Figure Dresses Character in Coco’s Restaurant Uniform

Anchovy Coco’s Uniform Ver.

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A new figure of “Girls und Panzer” character Anchovy will dress her as a waitress from Japanese casual dining restaurant Coco’s.

Part of an official cross-promotional campaign, the figure features an original Coco’s uniform design approved by the restaurant. The figure is the latest addition to Kotobukiya’s “Girls und Panzer Figure-do” series designed by artist Isao Sugimoto, using the same modeling and proportions as previous figures in the series.

Anchovy’s uniform combines Coco’s trademark shades of yellow and brown with green accents reminiscent of the character’s Anzio High School uniform. The energetic waitress strikes a dynamic pose, balancing a customer’s pizza on one hand.

The figure retails for 13,800 yen, plus tax. Orders from Kotobukiya’s official stores will also receive a changeable proud face part.


Anchovy is wearing a Coco’s Restaurant uniform.

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Proud face part

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Bandai Visual Club special edition

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The original costume design is approved by Coco’s.

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Anchovy Coco’s Uniform Ver. Figure


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