"Love Live! Sunshine!!" The 6th Birthday Figurine is Riko Sakurauchi in a "MIRAI TICKET" costume!

Love Live! Sunshine!! Birthday Figure Project Riko Sakurauchi

© 2017 Project Love Live! Sunshine!! 


From "Love Live! Sunshine!!", a 1/8 scale figurine of " Riko Sakurauchi" is here!

This figurine is made possible by the "Aqours" member figurine project called "Love Live! Sunshine!! Birthday Figure Project" as part of the "Electric Shock 25th Anniversary Special Figurine Project."

Based on a concept of celebrating the birthdays of the "Aqours" members, these figurines are based on costume illustrations for the song "MIRAI TICKET."

Those who make a reservation will receive a file full of information on the motif that inspired the design, and a card with a special message from Riko Sakurauchi.

The products will be released in conjunction with the birthdays of the nine members, and is expected to begin in the spring of 2019. This figurine follows "Hanamaru Kunikida", "You Watanabe", "Mari Ohara", "Yoshiko Tsushima" and "Chika Takami ", and the seventh figurine of the series will be " Ruby Kurosawa".

The price is 11,000 yen (excluding tax). Reservation can be made until March 12, and the product is scheduled to ship in August.



Love Live! Sunshine!! Birthday Figure Project Riko Sakurauchi


Love Live! Sunshine!!