Gundam Kutani Ware Porcelain Collection Includes Chopstick Rests Depicting Famous Scenes

Kutani Ware Gundam (chopstick rest set, 5 mamezara, 2 new mamezara, rice bowl, mug)

© Sotsu / Sunrise


A new series of kutani ware traditional Japanese porcelain will include chopstick rests, coffee mugs, rice bowls, and mamezara small plates inspired by anime series Mobile Suit Gundam.

The centerpiece of the collection is a boxed set of 25 kutani ware chopstick rests, each bearing a famous Gundam scene in the traditional art styles seen in authentic Japanese pottery. The collection is the ninth entry in the “Discovery-G” series of Gundam-themed traditional Japanese handcrafted items. The series is produced by Gundam Cafe, the premiere retail outlet for the anime franchise.

Other highlights of the series include mamezara small plates depicting the Black Tri-Stars’ Jet Stream Attack, as well as new designs on mamezara, rice bowls, and mugs that show scenes like Katz, Letz, and Kikka at Jaburo or famous Gundam like Acguy and Char’s Custom Z’Gok. A complete set of seven mamezara, consisting of five previously released designs and two new items, is also available.

Online preorders will run until 11:00 PM on December 22nd, with orders shipping in March 2018. Preorders will also be available starting December 23rd at Gundam Cafe and Gundam Square locations.

The set of kutani ware Gundam chipstick rests retails for 19,980 yen. A four-piece set of new kutani ware items costs 8,208 yen, with a three-piece set costing 6,912 yen. The set of two new mamezara is available for 2,592 yen, while a set of all seven mamezara costs 9,072 yen. All prices include tax; shipping and handling are not included.


Kutani Ware Gundam Chopstick Rests Complete Collection

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Kutani Ware Gundam New 4-Piece Set

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Kutani Ware Gundam Mamezara 7-Piece Set

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