Animate Cafe Shop Kyoto Debuts Virtual Reality Experience VR Theater

VR Theater


Virtual reality service VR Theater has made its debut at Animate Cafe Shop Kyoto.

The shop, which features cafes based on popular anime and video games, introduced the service on November 3rd. Using a dedicated booth located inside the shop, visitors can put on VR equipment and take part in one of over 20 VR experiences, including adventuring with famous manga characters and watching live idol performances. Reservations are not required, and equipment rental fees are 400 yen, with an additional charge depending on the VR experience selected.

The VR content lineup includes a “Death Note” VR escape game, a 360-degree “Attack on Titan” theater experience, “Ghost in the Shell: Virtual Reality Diver”, “Gantz: O_VR”, a Hatsune Miku live performance, voice actor training from “Persona 4: The Golden Animation” star Daisuke Namikawa, “Ultraman Zero VR”, “Ultra Fight VR”, a Haruka Ayase VR movie, a VR music video for Mai Kuraki’s “Yesterday Love”, a VR haunted house with the members of Nogizaka46, “Ghost Theater 360 Degrees”, horror experience “Jukoku Ressha Shuden”, a VR tour of the Asahiyama Zoo, a virtual butler cafe staffed by handsome men from around the world, and a video of the Nagaoka Fireworks Festival 2016, among others.



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