A ladies only hostel where guests can enjoy cosplay has opened in Akihabara! In Toranomon, there is also a hostel where guests can enjoy VR

Cosuterun Akihabara


In September, bnb+group opened "Cosuterun Akihabara", a hostel in Akihabara where guests can enjoy cosplay, as well as "Trip Community Tokyo", a facility in Toranomon, which combines a hostel and VR.

"Cosuterun Akihabara" is for ladies only and has an on-site filming area. The hostel lets guests completely immerse themselves in cosplay, from wearing their cosplay outfits to production. Supervising director for the project is international cosplayer, Konomi Akira.

"Trip Community Tokyo" is a facility which combines a hostel with a VR experience, where you can put yourself into imaginary worlds or other tourist destinations. The VR system is set to open from November.

Accommodation prices start from 3500 yen per night for each facility.


On-site filming areas