Experience Traditional Japanese Culture at Fukagawa Odori Gekijo

Tokyo cultural center Fukagawa Odori Gekijo is offering a variety of one-day workshops where attendees can observe and experience different aspects of traditional Japanese culture, including geisha, samurai, and ninja.

The cultural center, which exemplifies the friendly atmosphere of Fukagawa’s traditional “shitamachi” working-class roots, provides experiences such as dressing as geisha and walking around Fukagawa, learning traditional dance and geisha skills, and taking part in tea ceremonies and samurai and ninja sword battles. Organized lessons in Japanese dance, sword fighting, and tea ceremonies are also held four times per month.

The class in modern Japanese dance and folk dancing starts from the fundamentals, taking students from sitting, standing and walking while wearing a kimono to dancing along to songs. The beginner-friendly class also teaches students how to put on a kimono for the first time if they have never worn one before.

The sword fighting samurai/ninja experience class arms students with wooden katana, while the tea ceremony class, which meets every Thursday, teaches the Japanese terms for each part of the ceremony while practicing in a group setting. The cultural center is also offering an Edo Entertainment Experience Tour, which includes wearing rental yukata and experiencing the life of a samurai, Japanese dancing, a walk around Fukagawa, and a tea ceremony with Japanese snacks.


Tea ceremony lesson

Sword fighting lesson

Japanese dance lesson



Fukagawa Odori Gekijo