Junji Ito’s Works to Receive TV Anime Adaptation in Winter 2018

The “Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection” will receive a TV anime adaptation.

© Junji Ito / Asahi Shimbun Publications / Junji Ito “Collection” Production Committee


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of famed horror manga author Junji Ito’s career, a TV anime series based on the “Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection” will premiere in winter 2018.

Several of Ito’s works have received movie and TV drama adaptations in the past, including “Tomie” and “Shibito no Koi Wazurai”. The upcoming anime series will be directed by Shinobu Tagashira (“Diabolik Lovers”), who will also serve as character designer. Animation will be produced by Studio DEEN. A teaser site for the anime project opened at 2:22 AM on August 10th.

Commenting on the anime series, director Shinobu Tagashira stated, “A dream has miraculously come true for me. Since I was a teenager, I’ve wanted to create animations of my favorite manga. For a long time, I’ve been thinking about what I would do if I had the chance. I’m truly blessed that this is becoming a reality, and truly grateful for everyone who’s helped along the way. I look forward to working alongside the anime’s staff and crew, and I hope to receive the support of all the fans waiting for the anime. I hope to draw out and animate the passion found in Junji Ito’s original works and create a fantastic horror series.”

Junji Ito commented, “Having my horror manga turned into a TV anime is like a dream come true. When I was a child, I imagined the works of Kazuo Umezu, Shinichi Koga, and Hideshi Hino as anime, and I even made flipbooks out of snippets of Hino’s art. Director Shinobu Tagashira is supporting this project the same way I would have at his age, and his amazing concept art shows a love for the original manga. I can hardly wait to see the finished product, and I hope everyone else is excited, too! Finally, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to Shinobu Tagashira and the entire production committee working on this anime series!”



Junji Ito Anime Project Teaser Site