Village Vanguard Opens Online Sales of Sailor Suit Beachwear

“NO.S PROJECT” Sailor Suit Beachwear

Pop culture store Village Vanguard has opened online sales for a line of sailor suit beachwear and swimsuits from fashion brand NO.S PROJECT.

The swimwear converts the designs and patterns into beachwear suitable for adults, adding refined details like hand-drawn, watercolor-style bikini bottoms. The swimwear is available as both a white sailor top with navy blue skirt, and navy blue sailor top with white skirt.

The white top and blue skirt set features a tricolor top consisting of a white sailor collar over a navy blue bikini and skirt bottoms, designed to remain the same color even when wet. The navy blue top and white skirt set includes a dark navy blue sailor collar with white bikini and skirt.

The sailor collars are made from a two-piece design that moves freely in the breeze, with comfortable straps covered by the collar. The front features red lacing in place of the traditional sailor ribbon, while the cups contain underwire for added stability and a bust-enhancing effect.

The bottoms are made of two layers, pairing a flared skirt with a circular skirt to reproduce the sailor suit’s traditional design. The flared skirt’s cut barely reveals the striped bikini bottoms underneath.

In addition to the beachwear, Village Vanguard is also rereleasing the product line’s sailor suit-inspired marine dress and berets. Due to the immense popularity of the beachwear, all items are currently backordered.


Navy blue sailor top and white skirt

The skirt barely reveals the bikini bottoms underneath.

Reverse view

White sailor top and navy blue skirt

White sailor top and navy blue skirt (reverse view)

Marine dress

Marine beret



NO.S PROJECT (Village Vanguard)