Long-Awaited “Zatch Bell!” Victoream Figure Coming Soon

Variable Action Heroes Zatch Bell! Victoream figure

© Makoto Raiku / Toei Animation


Figure and hobby company MegaHouse will be releasing a figure of thousand-year Mamodo Victoream from TV anime series “Zatch Bell!”

The figure, part of MegaHouse’s Variable Action Heroes high-quality action figure series, depicts the V-shaped, melon-obsessed Victoream as seen in the anime. In addition to Victoream’s melon and spell book, the figure includes a number of changeable face parts and accessories for reproducing his special attacks. Victoream’s Magur Yo-Yo and Chagur attacks can be reproduced with the included arm and glowing light effect parts.

The figure’s head can be separated from its body and held in place using the attached display stand. When displayed alongside the previously-released G.E.M. Series Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine figures and Kanchome & Parco Folgore figures, the world of “Zatch Bell!” can be brought to life.

The figure retails for 8,800 yen, plus tax. It will be released in late September.


The figure comes with a variety of changeable face parts.

© Makoto Raiku / Toei Animation

Victoream’s famous melon is included.

© Makoto Raiku / Toei Animation

Victoream’s head can be separated from his body.

© Makoto Raiku / Toei Animation

The figure comes with Victoream’s spell book.

© Makoto Raiku / Toei Animation

Magur Yo-Yo

© Makoto Raiku / Toei Animation



Variable Action Heroes Zatch Bell! Victoream Figure


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